Puzzles and Dragons is super addicting! It’s got so many kawaii anime girls and not enough kawaii anime boys, therefore gender bending time!

I…. really like that blog name and I didn’t want to change this one so…. I’m migrating. :’D Cyall!

bought my first figure at fan expo! oh isaac bby~ ^o^/

Norman Reedus in the new Silent Hill… idk I’m kinda excited haha

Animethon Edmonton

Hey guys I’ll see you at Animethon this weekend for those of you who are going! I’ll be at table A44 in artist alley so come and visit (;

Hello!! I was wondering if you'll be at Othakuthon this year! I'd pass by and say hi!

Oh nooo0000000ooooooo


I was stupid and didn’t end up getting a table this year OTL I’ll be going to fanexpo though if you’re headed to that one? :’D

Ok so this is my first time buying a laptop and I'm also an artist so I just wanted to ask what laptop you have/ what you think is most important when looking for a laptop for illustration


Oh nooooo I’m sorry but I’m inexperienced with laptops. I have a desktop to do my drawings on and it was built from a bunch of different parts.


Though I was thinking of getting a tablet for drawing on the train. I did some research and apparently the Surface Pro is good if you’re proficient with Photoshop (not good with illustrator though). I know it’s not a laptop but it’s compact and can function as one so I’d definitely look into that as an option.

Got my co-worker hooked on Yowapeda. This is my gift to her tower.

Got my co-worker hooked on Yowapeda. This is my gift to her tower.